This week I had pleasure delivering a very special set of tiles to my grandsons kinder. I visited the kids about 6 weeks ago- I'd prepared soft clay slabs and supplied a basket of objects that they could impress texture into the slabs. Six 30cm square tiles and 75 kids later i bought them home to underglaze and fire. So back to kinder with the tiles and a proud grandson and happy teacher who plans to install them in the out door play area, and I forgot to take photos!! How annoying, but I will visit when they're installed and get some images then. I glued and grouted them on to a concrete slab so the plan is to set them on sand in a hole in the garden cut to size so the surface is level. The kids loved touching the tactile surfaces.
After that, and lots of normal family stuff, I needed to catch up with uni work. I've been demobilised with pain so things are very slow around here but my last glaze fire is in the kiln now.
Items I had made for the High Country Festival sold really well so I am pleased with that, its paid for a portion of my clay budget. I was soooo excited to see red dots on my work!

The tea pots are part of my final subject of throwing at uni- hooray I graduate next month!! The 'fun' tea pot is an investigation that will be ongoing. All the body componants are thrown on the wheel and cut and altered then re-assembled. I really want to play more with proportions and the 'add ons' on the handles. I had to submit cups to match and had previously done a set with a wiggle wire base on a wiggle saucer but was very unhappy with the saucers. This time I played around with introducing the 'wave' texture on the exterior wall, so hand carved and piped slip to mimic the base.
Obviously these are just bisque fired at the moment but are in the kiln now ready for their glaze firing. I've chosen some fun colours of lime green and aqua which I hope suit the form. Last time I used a commercial opalene glaze hoping it broke on the texture to enhance it- which it did but it was a very bland old fashioned blue and killed the design, I'm keen to open the kiln Friday to see how the new choice looks.
Today I have completed my application proposal to an Honours year of study next year. Part of me knows I'm crazy because my body is slowing down, but I also know if I stop study I will not push myself and will end up despondant and thinking about how much of my life has been stolen with this injury. So roll on study to keep my brain cells active! That if I get invited back :)